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State Requirements
License requirements ----residency, testing, etc.
Tests required----state, national or (state and national (Wisconsin))
Dollars needed for tests and license

Your Company Name
LLC, Corporation, Partnership, etc. contact your attorney.
Attorney / Fees Register name with state after reviewing with attorney. In Wisconsin your company name is listed on the
database for business in Wisconsin. People outside the state sometimes use these lists to find a specific type of business. Name will help you secure some other services not available to non-registered name

Employer ID
Get Federal Employer I D number from IRS (SS-4 Application)
The IRS personnel will want to know type of business, (attorney recommendation)telephone number, your company name, and your name with some other questions. Form can be found on IRS site under forms or at your local IRS Office, most attorneys that specialize setting up businesses. This application can be completed on the telephone and a hard copy to follow. It helps to have the Fed ID number even if you don?t have the hard copy before going to the bank for your banking services. Everybody wants to verify that you are a business and this number tells them that you exist, they will check the number by calling IRS.

Contact your bank first and find out what they have to offer for starting up a business. My bank offered no charges on the their small business checking, free checks and a business CC attached to the checking for one year. The bank also offered to help set up credit card services if you choose to offer them for payment from clients. Ask and you shall receive, keep quiet and you shall pay extra. The bank continually makes available bank resources when I have questions. Use your bank as a sanity check when contacted by banking and cc companies, they will explain the differences in charges and contract language.

[Insurance Requirements & Costs
E&O?Bond- liability Contact NACHI on the Internet.

Telephone Service
Private line you are currently using or get a new business line.
What do you want a single land line or combination:
Single Land line / Cell / Cell plus landline / cell plus landline plus distinctive ring for fax/computer.
Answering Machine or answering service
Check with your phone service as some offer great deals for small business start-ups.

Office location
Home or separate building.
Office / Supplies
Desk/Chair -Filing Cabinet / Computer / Fax Machine-Photo Copier-Scanner Paper / pens / stapler / scotch tape / file folders paper clips / scratch pads / ink refills, Postage Stamps, letterhead paper and envelops.

Inspection Equipment
Ladder, thermometer, flashlight, mirror, screw driver, nut drivers most common 5/16" and 1/4", Philips / rags/ level, plumb boob, pencils, tape measure, ice pick, camera, magic marker, note pads- and any special equipment that you deem essential. Paper towels, coveralls, handy wipes, garbage bags, bottle water, clipboard, extra clothes.

A Business Plan on how are you going to get business and stick with the plan. I recommend joining - NACHI - biggest bang for the buck. The information and help that is provided is absolutely outstanding.
Join Realtors Association.
Call other inspectors in the area and find out what they are charging.
How are you going to use Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, Handouts, and Promotional items?
Meeting with Realtors, business community, anybody that will listen.
Talk the business continually without being up noxious.
Be visible in youth related organizations and realtor pet projects.
Join organizations that use your dues to promote your business.
Join your state Home Inspectors Association if they don?t classify you.
Being the new-be is hard enough without advertising it in a newsletter
for all to see join organizations without classifications. Use press releases
whenever possible to keep your company visible. Don?t be afraid to ask
home inspectors questions when attending meetings.

Please add anything to the list that will help others starting out in the business.

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I have a couple of items to add:

Professional Training

Whether it is from a school or a mentor or both - get training.

Reporting System

Pick a report system to deliver to your clients.


You will need a certain amount of cash to execute your business plan.

Gotta go - 3PM inspection to do...

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