Starting a New Home Page

Need suggestions on what to put on this Page.
Got the links , for information About us, And will have a photo album of defects , also I was thinking of adding a forum i do have a chat Place . Any thought on a forum? Still working on it Got my domain name, still working on the page.

What domain name did you get? That’s one of the most important choices you have to make with a new site. is what i bought

Is there one particular city that you’re inspecting it over others? You’ll get to the top of Google faster with something like for people searching for ‘Powell Home Inspector’

i thought of that but i cover several areas and county’s i tried several names but they had been taken. i may try getting that name also

Quite a few of the guys get multiple sites and just target your largest cities. You can always mention the smaller cities on each site. It’s really a much faster way of getting to the top of Google for that phrase.

I just bought since Des Moines is the main city here I figured I will get to the top faster since that will be something that gets typed by the potential client in a google search. I am using it for my Inspectorpages website now. Just waiting on Chris to get InspectorPages2 up to snuff so I can use that domain for that site.