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Desperately looking for guidance getting into the home inspection field. icon_exclaim.gif ** I am presently a laid-off electrician. icon_exclaim.gif *** I am wondering which way to go, weather to try to get in with someone else or try to go off on my own right away. **** I am aware of the regulations at the state level to become certified/licensed. ***** My main concern is weather or not there is enough of a demand for a new inspector in my area(how to find out?) Any suggestions, comments, questions would be greatly appreciated icon_exclaim.gif ****** I am also interested in money saving info on start-up costs. I need to know, what to expect for start- up costs! ( Remember I said I was laid-off! ) ******* Last but not least, any info on ‘good’ low cost E&O insurance providers.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Sorry about the "very interested" tittle! I am also a first timer to the world of message boards and it's etiquette. Please excuse me.
My name is Blane Sparhawk and I am living in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Blane Sparhawk,

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Very Interested,

I like you are new to the HI business. I have gone out and started my own business after taking a course and having a carpentry background. The best bet is to do a search for HIs in your area on the net or look in the phone book. Ask some realtors theyll know if there are a lot in the area. I got insurance from Allen Ins. their # is 1-800-474-4472.

As for marketing I got some cards made up and joined this organization (NACHI) and I got my first job through the NACHI "find an inspector" listing they have here. Also I made up some brochures on microsoft publisher bought some brochure holders at office depot and put them in realestate offices.

Kurt Bliss Home inspector

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I’d tell you to not get discouraged. The HI business can be a tough one, but rewarding. I’d also tell you to join NACHI. This org asks little and provides a lot. There are many seasoned inspectors who contribute, not only to this forum, but to the org as well.

The other thing you'll find about NACHI is that, although we are an opinionated bunch, we aren't elitists. We're here for the betterment of the industry, and to help each other. That's what we do.

If you're getting the orphan annies about discussing some of this in a public forum, feel free to e-mail me and I'll help you any way I can. For the record, electrical systems and deficiencies within any residence can be the single deadliest problems we run into. It is the area most easily fudged or masked by Harry the Homeowner ala you local Home Depot. The fact that you are an electrician means that you can alrady contribute to this forum. We welcome you. None of are experts in all areas. We draw from each other's knowledge and experience. I think that NACHI will become the BEST org out there for the Home Inspector. It's all about the members, not the organization.

Ask us what you need to know. Lets start with what tools we recommend he needs to get started. Anyone want to start?

One more thing... Very Interested is kind of a strange name. Who are you? We don't bite...

Joe Farsetta

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Dear Very Interested:

The best and most under utilized service NACHI offers is our marketing review committee. Send us your flyer, even if it is scribbled on a piece of paper, and our people will dress it up so that it WORKS. (this service is described in Success Tips section of There are only 4 things a buyer can review when choosing an inspector: Price, Brochure, REALTOR Recommendation and Internet. That's it! So here's what you need to do: PRICE: Charge a lot. (read why in Success Tips) People expect that the more something costs the better it is. BROCHURE: Let us help with this...we have experts. RECOMMENDATION: We are slowly gaining dominance in this area. INTERNET: We already dominate this area and getting stronger by the minute.

Hope this helps, and I'll be looking for that flyer/brochure draft.


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Blane - As to the question… is there enough business in your area, there are a couple of things you could do. Obviously talking to Realtors about existing home inspectors in the area would be an one thing to do. You also want to ask the Realtor if it’s common practice for Realtors in your area to recommend getting a home inspection. Another thing to do is to check with the local Board of Realtors and find out how many houses were sold through their system in 2002. Also look in the yellow pages to see how many inspection companies are listed. Once you have all of this data together, you should be able to get a feel if there’s enough of a market for you to get in to.

Hope this info helps some.

Regards, Rusty