Starting New Inspection Company

I started my own Inspection company a couple of months ago and I was wondering how some of yall started marketing your company? I have run Google ads, I have a website, I am on FB, I have gone to Real Estate offices with business cards and a fee schedule. So my question is, is there something I am not doing that I should be, or do I need to do more of something?? I am in South Florida and want to get the business going a little quicker than it currently is. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

No matter what, it takes time so have realistic expectations. I’ve found having something to give people helps. This can be a physical thing you hand them (at an office visit) or something of value in an email. Just standing in the pool with everyone else saying you’re the best is easy to forget as you just blend in.

When I visit and office I hand them a pouch of coffee beans with a couple business cards clipped to it. If you do an email campaign rather than it just being an advertisement send them an article from your blog or website that is info they might like to know. We are all so overrun with input/advertisements these days that you must find a way to stand out.

Have you joined your local realtor association as an affiliate member? In many areas you can do that and then go tour houses with a caravan of realtors. That’s a great way to get some face to face chat time with agents.

I’ve found just cold-calling an office will generally get you nowhere as the gatekeeper at the front desk gets hammered all day. I try to find offices in malls or urban areas where agents are doing “floor time” and are usually bored and up for a chat (but be VERY respectful if they get actual clients walking in).

I bought an existing company 20+ years ago so really never had to do much initial marking to get the company going but just moved and am starting up a new company. I’m realizing just how lucky I was to get a company that already had a client base (of course, I paid for it). It’s tough for sure.

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It takes 8-10 touches before people (agents or clients) will recognize you.

It also is a relationship business, so it takes time for people to know you, like you, and then trust you.

Most people get going 1-2 years after opening their business.

Lastly, I found the most success when I offered classes to agents for CE credits and expected nothing in return. Pre-COVID we were giving around 100 classes per year. It works better than all other marketing combined.

Good luck out there.

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Thanks for the info!