Starting out in the field

So, Right now I’m going through the Internachi classes to get certified, since I’m waiting on my books to study for my national test. I know this is premature but I was wondering if anyone can share on how they started marketing their inspection business and how long did it take till you were having at least one inspection a day? My wife is a realtor so I know they will use me as one of their inspectors.

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Famous last words…

You need to prepare for the industry average of 2 years before you can be at a normal pace or similar work load. Some get there a bit faster, others longer, depends on a ton of variables.

Search the forum for marketing tips, there are lots of posts to read and learn new ideas.


Yes that’s very true… I have a full time job now in a factory and have been there for 14 years. So I plan on inspecting by using my pto hours or after work since I’ll be home every day by 3pm.


Best of luck with the test…Happy Inspecting !!!


James, I am and started in a similar situation. I will be glad to share my experience and insight via PM or email. The reason being we have a lot RE agent “bashers” here which can discourage a lot of new inspectors. So feel free to PM me or email me at


Hi Tom, I just sent you a email

In my case I was inspecting right out of the gate with one inspection a day. Two reasons I believe that can be attributed to my success is 40 years as a licensed General Building Contractor. And the fact that I am not related to an RE agent, or have any financial interests in a real estate agency in my service area. I advertise both of these benefits to my clients! Something to keep in mind also is that RE agents are competing. They may not want to risk client sharing with your wife on any level. You live and die building a client base for future transactions in the RE business. Will your wife’s RE competition feel comfortable knowing that your wife has access to their clients? In this business you don’t want even the appearance of conflict of interest.

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^^^^ Another area we can discuss via email James. :wink: Thanks for the initial contact.

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I just wrote back to you via email