Starting the Infrared Thermography course and looking forward to learning about it.

(Charles E. Kirschner) #1

Just ordered an add-on Seek Thermal Compact Pro Imager Camera Infrared Night-Vision For iOS iPhone 9HZ. It has a
320 x 240 Thermal Sensor and is the same as what the Flir E8 has, but way less expensive due to being an add-on for my iPhone which already has a great screen/camera. I believe I will have to download an App to run it.

(William B. Ogletree, TREC License #22530) #2

When you say “I believe I will have to download an App to run it”, this prompts me to conclude that you have not done a whole lot of homework on this device. I will tell you what others likely will: It would be better for you to gain some education about thermal imaging vis-a-vis the home inspection and then decide which device will serve you better.

Durability, serviceability, battery life and replacement options, ease of use, image overlay capability, temperature range, useful analytic and report preparation software, and a range of other factors come into play when using an infrared camera to augment your inspection business.

Most of those who opt for the “more affordable” infrared camera soon discover its shortcomings and end up buying the more expensive device.

(Robert Young) #3

Morning, Charles. Hope to find you well and in good spirits today.

Is the thermal imaging course a Level course, or an Application course? Could you please tell the members what course you started. I am sure many are willing to help you along your journey.

What do you wish to achieve during this education? What standards do you wish to follow?

As to the equipment you purchased, the Seek Thermal Compact Pro. While you will turn infrared light spectrum into an visual image, the clarity of what you are mapping will be limited by the lens and the softwares capability.

I feel, rightly or wrongly, this equipment will help you during a home/building inspection. But do not solely rely on the image to interpret condition. You will require further measurements by reliable equipment to come to an overall conclusion.

I will leave you with a link to Infraspection Institute and their standards.

Looking forward to your answers, as I expect others are as well.

(Charles E. Kirschner) #4

The course I am going to study is entitled “Infrared Thermography Inspection Training Course”. 5 credits per InterNACHI. Per the InterNACHI course intro video, I was simply saying hello on the forum and stating that I was starting this course.

(Robert Young) #5

Great course. Good luck.