Starting Work on a CMI Dashboard


Nick, Chris, and I have been talking about adding some features to the CMI site. We’re going to put together a CMI Member’s Dashboard that will allow you to download a “click to verify” logo, plus customized PDF books… Look for it in the next month!



I also have a series of new ebooks for CMIs to market to consumers. The books will be customized to appear to come from each CMI and include their name, inspection company name, website, email and phone number on the cover.

Thanks Nick.

Thanks!!! Nick!

Very cool!

sounds great

Good stuff

Hi Tim, Is there a way I can update my phone number on the website? It is printing on the Safe Home book without any spaces and I would like it to read (541) 404-2788. Thanks and Happy New Year! Karl Gerhauser

Karl, I fixed it up the way you wanted it, downloaded your book to confirm, looks fine now.

If anyone else doesn’t like how their phone number is appearing on their custom book, post here and I’ll fix.

Me please thanks
905-925- etc


Me please
Hyphens look better in phone numbers it think


Nick, I would like it changed as well.

Doug I am on the fence with this as it makes someone want to open your website. I just went to your site. Most will go there first anyways. Maybe it can be changed to click on the number and have a call button on each Dashboard.

There a now over 700 CMI’s at this point. If you have not looked yet make sure you have all correct info on the list. Anything wrong should be corrected quickly. Make sure everything works as promised.

Doug and Doug:

I’ve fixed the phone numbers for you. Let me know if you need anything else!

Thanks Tim. I’m actually going to fix the phone number syntax for every single CMI next week.

Thanks Tim

Right on my home page for all to see. Click on “safe home book”

Keep em coming.

You may also want to add a link in the email you send your clients report out on so that they can download it from there.