State Exam-Florida Statutes

I’m scheduled to take the proctored exam. Would anyone give some insight into the questions encountered having to do with the statutes? I feel fairly comfortable with the actual HI questions and knowledge, but just wondered what may be encountered with the questions that are posed from the State of Florida. Are they insurance related, CE requirements, business license, ethics, etc.? Should I not worry about that section, as long as I know good business practice? Thanks in advance.

I just took mine today! Got a 94. It’s similar to the internachi exams. Are you a member? There are also practice exams on the site that cover some things that I never learned with the nachi coursework.
It’s hard to say exactly because there are thousands of questions that can be pulled from.
The only questions I wasn’t ready for was some about termites and carpenter ants, but that was only 2 or 3