State Executive Order - Covid 19

While that’s true from a strictly financial standpoint Walter, in a life and death situation, there are a lot of people (business owners, including inspectors) out there with bad judgement, and it only takes one of them to kill a number of people during a pandemic like this.

I agree with you Kenton.

The basic math of this disagrees. I am in the hardest hit state and still the numbers I am dealing with in my county are scarce. There are about 70 confirmed out of 960,000 people. That is barely a blip, go ahead and divide 60 by 960,000. If you are smart and safe the risk is beyond minimal. I still have over 100 construction personnel reporting for work and no one bats an eye at that. Just this morning we got called to move some circuits at a senior care facility, they asked if we were healthy and checked our temperatures before we entered. Thats it. I have had an inspection every day for the past week and while I expect it to slow, I am not actively trying to slow myself down. No need for that level of overreaction.


Michael, you seem like an intelligent guy. so…

It’s not math, Michael… nobody knows. Numbers given of those infected in the US (in any state) only reflect those tested and confirmed. Across most of the US testing is available only for those needing immediate evacuation to a hospital, so there is no real idea of the actual number of people infected with CORVID-19 in the USA.
Multiply reported numbers of infections by 100 and you may have a more realistic idea of the amount of infections.
The virus may be way more common than you think but if you err on the side of safety and don’t do inspections you won’t kill anyone.
Call it 70 reported, 700 actually infected, all with your attitude, it’ll be 7,000 infected and 700 dead in no time. If you think that’s an exaggeration, look at what’s happening in Italy.

Man, you should start thinking about being careful with other people’s lives no matter how many people you’re connected to don’t.

Asked if your guys were healthy? Do you understand that your guys can be contagious without showing symptoms? An old folks home?

I agree Kenton, people need to stay home and/or try to avoid the public as much as possible. They’re talking about enforcing things here in Canada, if people don’t start listening. Here are the US coronavirus updates:

I want to make sure everyone reads this. This is a shining example of ignorance. I suspect Mike will kill a lot of older people before this pandemic has run its course.

This was the rule of the facility, owned by one of the major hospitals in our area not my rule. I was equally shocked. I believe you are being aggressive out of fear as we are following all of the guidelines provided to us by the cdc, feds and state. Electrical is an essential service and must carry on. I personally visited as many of our jobsites as possible yesterday to make sure my men were OK and wanted to keep working. That is how I know of the procedure they used.

Every house I have inspected has been vacant. I have ordered that the agents and clients do not attend. I am protecting peoples health and their livelihood. There is no cash grab on my part. I don’t appreciate being called a scumbag or threatened with violence when one business is keeping critical manufacturing and Healthcare operational and the other is following every rule and directive offering absolutely no harm to anyone. I can video chat with you this afternoon and you can see the reality of showing up to an empty residential property, inspecting it, sanitizing it, and leaving it better than it was before anyone walked in.

You can shove your ignorant accusations that I am killing people right up your ass.


Has anyone seen/heard any updates from Kenton (@kshepard). Is he still sick at home, etc?

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Good question, Junior. I haven’t heard anything from Kenton, yet. I’ll check around.

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I just talked to Kenton. He is getting better and better, and working on a roofing course, so that is good.

He’s just taking break from the forum trying to get his concentration back on line for more that 10 minutes. :smile:


Thanks Larry! :grinning:

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You’re welcome, Junior. :smile:

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I’ve been isolating (alone) in the house for a little over two weeks. I have cabin fever. My sense of humor is suffering a bit (to my embarrassment, I called an inspector a name on the boards for the first time ever), so I thought it was time for me to take a break from the boards.
I have a mild case of what is almost certainly COVID-19 but am on the recovery.
Thanks for the expressions of concern, guys.


Thanks for the update, Kenton. Many of us are thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way. We know you are a good guy so don’t worry about careless words in a moment of frustration. We get it, water under the bridge. So glad to hear you are on the path to recovery. Get well soon, friend.


Michael, I’ve never called anyone a name on these boards before and I apologize to you. I was out of line.

I have a mild case of the virus and have been isolating at home for about two weeks. I just started feeling better yesterday and needed some photos that I could take from my truck window or from foot without approaching anyone.

While going that, I drove past two Walmart parking lots that were full of cars. Traffic was normal for that part of the day.

People are not taking this seriously and a lot of people will die if what has happened already is any indication, and it should be!

It doesn’t matter if the home is vacant, you don’t know if it is infected. You don’t know if your inspectors going into a nursing home have become infected in the last 5 minutes before they arrived.

I understand that your employees have financial obligations to meet and you want to protect them, but man… a nursing home? In a situation in which we have no idea how widespread this virus is that specializes in killing old people, do you really want to let other people let the decision to send inspectors into there for you?

I’m sorry Michael, but if there’s one thing we know about this virus…it’s more widespread than we know, it’s easily spread, and it likes to kill old people.

Thanks Bert!

I was out riding my bike yesterday and passed a basketball court with about 20 young men (teens and 20-somethings) playing basketball. Imagine everyone’s germy hands touching the same ball passed from person to person. The ignorance made me really upset. It reminded me of the news reports of spring break kids on Florida beaches.
I see a lot of careless behavior out there.

Stay safe, everyone.

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Get well and past whatever you have Kenton.

We all get frustrated and say thing we don’t mean. So, like Bert said, no worries.

Let’s move forward and beyond.

The very best to you. :smile:

I saw a headline in the news today that the number of COVID-19 infections in the towns in Summit County, Colorado (where all the popular ski areas are) are the highest in the entire nation.

People… remember your 7th grade biology and act accordingly. Stay home.