State Farm 4-Pt Form

I am looking for a State Farm four point form that can be edited AND SAVED! I found a nice one in a previous thread that can be edited but you cannot save it. For me that is not a big help as with 20-30 color pictures I have no interest in printing. Anyone know of where I can find one?


nope. needs to be a state farm 4-pt. thanks for the quick reply tho.

If you have one already why not just print it as a PDF and save it that way

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I prefer not to print anything. Printing color photos burns a lot of ink. Take for example the Citizens wind mit form. I got a Word version from NACHI, fixed the bullets so they would check properly in Word, created a table for all the photos and then inserted a .jpg of my signature. It works perfectly and I never have to print a thing to produce a .pdf.

Thanks for the reply!

john I agree with you. I don’t print any of my reports. I have fillable forms that I can fill out, save and send to my client. I don’t really see the benefit of printing in field. The report is just going to get shoved in the file cabinet anyway.

Thanks Shawn, but that does not solve the problem. So far, I only know of two ways to satisfy the state farm requirement:

  1. Use their fillable form and print when u r done, or,
  2. Use Adobe Acrobat, instead of Reader.

If anyone knows of any other solution (other than to tell state farm to go f*** themselves) I would be very grateful to hear about it.


I never said to print anything- I said to print to PDF - Go download CutePDF and you can print to that. All is does is turns your fillable form into a pdf file that can’t be edited.

I thought State Farm was allowing the Citizens 4pt form now.


print to pdf does not work if you are in adobe. I will check on the program you recommended. still kinda sucks, but better…

Not the branch in New Tampa. I asked; they specifically said no and sent me the SF form. Bummer. I would love to use the Citizens form.

Mayb I need to push their button a little harder…

Tell the agent to check with the underwriter. State Farm had a memo out a couple of weeks ago stating that the Citizens form was acceptable.

Or raise your price to get paid what that inspection is worth. Then let the client ***** to the agent

Of course it does - Go to print and when the print window opens click on printer than select Print to PDF

This is not correct. If I click on print, there are my printers, One Note, and Microsoft’s XPS document. There is no Print to PDF option in Acrobat Reader XI.

I researched this a lot. It is interesting in that I could not find a specific example of a confirmation that Print to PDF does not exist in Acrobat Reader, but I am pretty sure it is not possible unless you install something like CutePDF.

Thanks for the dialogue, though.

You are correct you need some sort of PDF print driver.

Last note from me that some members might find useful: of course, Acrobat Pro allows you to edit, save and re-open the State Farm fillable PDF for additional editing. Acrobat Pro has a 30 day free trial. No credit card info to enter or any discontinuation email required. There is no bill. If you like it, you can make a monthly of $15 with 1 yr commitment or $25 month to month. I like these options. For the month to month, just stop paying anytime you don’t need it for awhile…