State Farm

An agent sent me the following email:
“Reece… State Farm requires full Diagram of roof and measurements due to the revised form on 8/4/2010 if it is a full hip roof. How soon can you get this to me.”
Have any of you heard of this or is any one doing this currently?

Do them when ever there is a hip roof unless it is 100% hip. I have been doing it for some time

Thanks John. On the phone with Michelle, now.
Thanks, Michelle!

Most welcome sir.

Glad we could help

Charge them for it.
It is not mentioned that you must do it on the form so it is not nessary. They must by law accept your form if you are qualified or “THEY” must pay for a re- inspection

If something is extra do not do it for free, especially if you must go back.

I do not do roof diagrams and have not been asked to do one.

Our office has done Insurance Inspections for which we are compensated.

This type is requested by some insurers
but generally is sent out to a 3rd party service provider.

An expectation that this would be provided without charge is Unrealistic.
What if the Client opted OUT
of a home inspection??

According to the York training manual; It is up to each insurance company to decide if they want a diagram or not.

I do em, unless its totally obvious. State farm is like John said, always

so when we do a Home Inspection,
an Inspector should inquire
as to WHO
a prospective (not actual)
may solicit their Home Insurance from?

Its a State Farm Issue
Not a home Inspection Issue…

they need to do their own work…

I do not do them and never have been asked.

It it does not say it is required on the form then it should not be done.

The issues we are having are due to the fact that many give more information than the form requires and insurance morons are starting to expect it.

Is this a Florida issue?

Yes it is.


The insurance companies do not have the right to pick and choose what they want to accept.

It is spelled out in the form and they must accept the form from a qualified person or they can send their own guy on their own dime to redo it. I “believe” that is the law.

Insurers need to do
their own Inspections

Why they do :slight_smile:

they should not assume
info will be provided
for free

nor should they expect…

I really have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, it will add an additional 15 minutes (approximately) to each UMVI. On the other hand, I see it as State Farm just being difficult and wanting something for nothing. Isn’t the UMVI a state regulation/law? Don’t they have to abide by the form, regardless?

and all for $75.00

Yes I “Believe” they do have to abide.
I believe they are making you do something that is NOT required by the form.

The reason they get away with it is because of the A-s KISSERS that do whatever they wish because they are kept in the insurance companies pocket and rely on their referrals.

If people told them to screw off they would have to have the form changed or pay extra.

When the insurance company calls tell them you would be glad to include it if they could show you where on the form it says it must be done. :slight_smile:

Pictures tell the story… if you can’t tell it’s a hip from the pics than something is wrong.

Just another hoop to jump thru.