State license education requirements

Does Internachi not send continuing education courses completed to the state licensing board? Completed many courses but nothing showing on my license requirements.

You have to submit your info I believe at the end of the course. What State. Please fill out a good profile and folks will be able to help you better. good luck

Bruce, no one has any idea what state you are in.

Go to your control panel and change the setting to show your location.

They do not.

Sorry, I am in the State of Florida, I had been told that Internachi forwarded course completed information to the state. Apparently mis-informed!

Actually, NACHI does send copies of state approved education to DBPR automatically. Have you gone to DBPR website and set up your account? If not, go to DBPR website and set up your account. As long as the NACHI classes that you take and pass are approved for Florida cont. ed., they will go to DBPR in your account.


As long as your license number is entered, your Florida credits are sent to Lisa Endza, who enters them into Florida’s system for you. If you need us to look up any specific course for you, send us an email and she should be able to help you.

To make sure your state license number is entered and correct, go to:


Yes, we do. But only if you’ve entered your license number here:

If you want to do it yourself, you can print off your completion certificates here: and send them in on your own.