state license problem

well i have a slight problem and need some help or suggestions … i need to go on 5 inspections with a licensed inspector in order to take the Illinois license exam … the problem is … i have tried contacting several licensed inspectors in my area and nobody returns my call, nobody has time to help or they just flat out say NO they wont help me… whats the deal… am i missing something here … do they think i am going to get some of there business and just refuse to help a guy out … anybody have any suggestion on what i can do…i am located in Rockford Illinois ,thank you

They are likely pissed that licensing happened there :slight_smile:

Try contacting someone definitely outside of your area. You may have to spend a week or 2 traveling? Good Luck :slight_smile:

Ain’t licensing great? I hope you were not for it.

Contact your state Attorney General’s office and tell them your story. Send letters to your governor’s office. Licensing very often causes undo work, expenses, and regulations upon hard working, new business people, such as yourself. That alone decreases state tax revenue and federal tax revenue. Send some letters out to the media.

That’s how we got the laws out here in Kansas.

Sounds like local Inspectors could be nervous you might hurt their business.
I suggest you call some NACHI inspectors who are 100 miles away.
I think you would be wise to offer them $50.00 per inspection .
This will help them as usually it adds about an Hour to an inspection training a new inspector .