State Licensing

Hello All,
There is finally a bill going to vote to require licensing here in New Mexico. I’m very interested to find out from the inspectors in states that are licensed, just how it has affected them? Also, what requirements are. Thanks

Hi Eric,

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There are many threads in this message board that explain why states want licensing of home inspectors. Really, it is the REA’s and educational providers and insurance companies and attorneys who want licensing.

Any state licensing is a bare, minimum standard. That is what the REA’s want, so basic reports and cheap prices result. Educational providers make revenue off of the required courses, and pay the state to be a “licensed educational provider”. The states get money. The educational providers get money. The REA’s get money off of the home sales, where home buyers get basic, say nothing reports.

Insurance companies get revenue on required policies. Attorneys get money from court cases because the home buyer was “not informed” because of the basic SOP’s that the states created. Home buyers are the ones who get the shaft. Kansas saw this, and got the laws out that they passed in 2005.

All HI’s in New Mexico, get ready to compete with $200 home inspections, short reports, high educational fees and state licensing fees, insurance premiums, etc. etc. You will become an commodity. You say you want to properly serve the home buyer, and do detailed reports. Why?

“All inspectors are now licensed in our state, and go by same rules and regulations. So, just hire the cheapest one you can find, to save you some money. I have a list of three…”