State making money on our Audits

They ( Washington Sate University ) gets $75.00 for each Energy Audits on new build homes and $200-$500 on residential retro fit audits depending on how many you do a year!!! 10% of your Audits get reinspected by them as well…Now will my clients be willing to pay more now that I have to mail checks to WSU? and also we must have 500,000 liability insurance… Everyone better raise their prices!!!

Is this like this in every State?

Tax rebates need to go up or have the audit 100% as a tax rebate as well!


Wow, never heard of this but it is also something that I don’t currently offer. On what basis / law / statue do they claim these funds?

They are a Resnet, HERS provider and under a provider you must meet the guidelines which the provider sets…those are the fees they set in order to have a certifed HERS /Tax rebate / EEM / Energy Star Audit,fees must be paid or they can put you on hold to perform these inspections.

Just atteneded training and can not see anyone doing these for under $800.00 or more…with some rebates only being $500.00 is it worth it? If they start giving additional rebates for the audit itself, Yes.

Take your equipment,insurance and CE and etc… maybe they should be even more!

I subbed one of these out for $350.00 and I bet they did not do it legally with submittig the State fee also.

There are tax credits in place for builders. $2000 to build a structure that achieves 50% energy savings for heating and cooling over the 2004 IECC. This includes manufactured homes. $1000 for the producer of a new manufactured home. At least 1/5 of the savings has to come from the building envelope.

The commercial ones are really nice. $.60 a sq ft for the building envelope, lighting or HVAC. $1.80 a sq ft for the complete commercial building. Once again it has to be 50% of the 2004 IECC. This is why you are starting to see large LEED projects going on throughout the country.

The residential one expires at the end of this year. The commercial ones are good through the end of 2013.

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The payment of fees to the HERS/Resnet Providers has nothing to do with what State you are in. These energy audit programs were not established to allow anybody to go out, obtain their training, certification, equipment, etc., so they can enter into the business for themselves AND provide HERS/Resnet approved audits. That is unless you also become a “Provider” as well.

Here in Texas many energy companies are tapping into the “Going Green” federal programs (your tax dollars) and offering these audits either for free, or for substantially reduced rates. One energy provider offers a full audit with blower door, duct blaster, etc., for only $75. For them it is a marketing tool of which they collect money from the Feds (your tax dollars) to do.

On a similar note have you noticed the number of EBay, Craigslist, etc., ads out there over the last year from people selling their blower doors, duct blasters, etc.?