State of Massachusetts Board approves Certified Well Sampler Course for HI CE.

Big Congratulations to Joe Farsetta and H.I.T. Interactive Media (!

H.I.T. Interactive Media is a CMI recommended school

I want to congratulate Joe F. for the second time. He gave a fantastic presentation to the Ma. HI board and came out on top.

I met up Joe F. last month and escorted him to the Massachusetts HI board meeting in Boston. We arrived at the board meeting just as it started. We were almost late for the meeting as we were trying to locate each other throughout the city when he arrived in Boston. It’s a long story as to how we finally connected through the busy streets of Boston. Anyways, I had him follow me to the board meeting and we made it there just as the meeting started.

Within three minutes of arriving, Joe was called upon to introduce himself and to give his education presentation to the HI board. He then presented himself in a very professional manner, explained his well water course, answered several questions and agreed to their (HI board members) requests. He then handed the HI board his course description and was told that he would be notified shortly as to his approval process.

He is now on the list (Page 5) at….

Congrats Joe.

Frank Carrio and *( were there to congratulate Joe F. for a job well done.

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If there are other NACHI educators out there who would like to go through the Massachusetts approval process, please email me and I’ll be there for you. Your parking, full escort and lunch is on me.*


It was a pleasure meeting you.

I agree with you 100%. Joe Farsetta just blew the room away. His presentation was factual, and highly professional. He commanded the attention of the entire board and they were receptive to all that he had to say.

Their comments were all positive and they seemed to enjoy their interaction with Joe. They are a “Tough Group”, the fact that they approved Joe’s course says it all.

Congratulations to Joe Farsetta for putting together such a meaningful and highly professional course.

I consider it an Honor and a Privilege to know him! *

Hats off to you, too, David. Massachusetts is “ASHI territory” and is a tough egg for NACHI to crack and your support is priceless. Thanks for doing so much to help Joe and others.