State of Tennessee approves InterNACHI's ONLINE Structural Course for 4 hours of CE.

Is there a list of all on line courses and the states that accept them somewhere ?

No, but we have been and continue to seek approval for every course we have plus every course we’re developing from every state that approves CE.

Today we applied for approval for from Tennessee.

And last week we applied for approval for our commercial inspection course from Texas.

Staff is submitting 3 or 4 applications per day across the country.

I’ll create an approved course chart as the approvals come in.

I have just taken the on line course.How do I get a certificate of proof of completion for the state of Tn.
John Cubit


The Structural course certificate at the end of the course is what you need to submit to the state. You can download a copy after you finish the final exam or in your case where you have already completed the course, log in, click on the final exam and a link to download your certificate will appear! The TN CE # is also listed on the certificate. Please call me direct at 303.502.6214 if you have any questions :wink: