State Wants Remote Control Over Your Thermostat ?


I from the government and where here to help. Big brother watching over us scary. I was just thinking the other day. between my cell phone, my debit card and I-pass for toll roads. and all the intersection cameras they have installed in Chicago, I cant hide anywhere

And why are you feeling so guilty, Jeff. What do you have to hide?

Is there some skelaton in your closet? Are you paranoid? :smiley:

Just kidding.

In our area, the local power company (Commenwealth Edison) has long had a program where they hook up a box between your A/C compressor and the electrical disconnect. If you agree tohave them do this, they give you a slightly lower rate (in the summer only) for cents per Kw/hr. They activate a disconnect during peak hours and hou cannot run your A/C during those times.

This program is voluntary.

But, California being what it is, it does not seem that they want voluntary to be in the equation.

I would recommend a new book. It clearly documents, historically, that Fascism is more a creature of the left.

Fascism: A system of government that exaults the state, unity and cooperation of the people above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

Fascism differes, in historical practice from socialism in that fascism was a mixture of socialism and nationalism. The state and corporations work together and require the people to adhear to the goals and need of the state over the individual.

This new book, again, heavily documented and researched, is an interesting read.

I would recommend that no one post complaints or slams until they have first actually read this book and checked out its references and documentation. To do otherwise would just be emotional reactionism. If you want the facts, they are out there.

I find it real scary that Hillary’s book, “It takes a village”, presents many of the same points that the Fascists did.

If you haven’t read it, I would point you to her suggestion that the government put up large TV screens in all public places where the government can display videos of the “proper way to raise children”.

Anyone seen the classic movie (or read the book) by the title of “1984”.

Hope this helps;

“Double speak above”
Just kidding Will knows what I mean.
Seriously though folks , those that lean to the far right or left seem to want a form of Fascism
That is why I prefer being a libertarian.
Not that I vote for that political party but lean towards candidates that beleive government needs to keep its but out of people lives .
Unfortunatly the dems want your money while the republicans want cameras in your home .
Time for a real third option .
Just my thoughts.

California is a monster government gone wrong! With its socialistic entitlement and welfare policies along with as many as 7 million illegal residents we’re on a very slippery slope heading south… 52% of every tax dollar, (Approximately 53 billion dollars) last year went to the state education system. BTW, the states teacher unions, associations and the state university system complain they need MORE money! It was estimated last year that only 23% of university students were paying full tuition, everyone else was on some sort of loan, grant of free ride program. For a state with 34 million residents and growing the tax paying employment base can’t keep up with the political government spending. Gov. Arnold announced today that 23000 prisoners are being released to reduce jail costs. 20% of the state park system is being closed to the public to reduce costs. Entitlements and education of course will be fully funded at the expense of a balanced state run government. Quality health care for every resident, (Legal or not), is on the way. And you know who going to pay for all this…


I totally agree, government should be reduced to protecting our borders and insuring our property rights, the so-called moralists who pretend to provide an alternative to the so-called fascists are all cut from the same cloth and the net-net result is reduced liberty. The rule of law and the philosophy of liberty should be scalable and equal regardless of whether you are a sovereign individual or a sovereign nation. People should not be duped by the fear tactics each side uses to garner power. Using governmental force to impose a vision on others is intellectual sloth and typically results in perverse unintended consequences.