States that have Licensing

Does anyone know where I can find a current*** list*** of States that currently require their Home Inspectors to be licensed??


These do not have:

Delaware - Colorado - Hawaii -CA
Idaho - Maine - Minnesota - Missouri
Michigan - Nebraska - New Hampshire
Utah - Vermont - Washington -
Ohio - Wyoming - Kansas -
Florida - Iowa - New Mexico - Utah

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Try this, it gives a description of the requirements

Even better…

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You have Florida listed twice and I like it, chaos reigns! Thanks for your assistance, keep up the good work.

Hey if Florida gets listed twice then the nation of Texas should be listed three, no four times. Chaos does reign in TEXAS :wink:

Only in Texas would someone call it a nation. Texas is still suffering from an inferiority complex since Alaska became a state.:slight_smile:

Why shouldn’t it be, that’s the same way they count Republican votes in Florida isn’t it.:wink:

But we dont have licensing in Florida.

Lewis works on the assumption that licensing is inevitable. :smiley:

You aren’t referring to “hanging chads” are you Lewis?:smiley:

Remember when you say LICENSING - there is a wide range in there of is it a TRade Practice Act; A License; a Registration; etc.

This is the most up to date listing that I have ever found.


PS…A part of Florida does have licensing.

David…you do know that Texas was an independent nation prior to joing the union, right. We reserve the right to refer to ourselves as a nation when the notion strikes us. :stuck_out_tongue:

We may suffer from many things here but an inferiority complex is not one of them.