States Where No one Wants to Buy a New Home

Bruce, that is hilarious, and dam, you got a head start on me. I need a bigger truck. :mrgreen::wink:

Get rid of this incompetent moron - who an astonishingly large number of INACHI members voted for - next November and the world economy will recover in short order.

Astonishing indeed.

What a mess.:roll:

They cant build homes fast enough in the DC area

1-st if you think that Obama is the sole person that has caused this, the both of you are very wrong. not saying that some of his polices have not caused a problem, this is a world crash, if you haven’t figured it out, all things are relative, the reason for the need of a smaller government is that standard of living for most U/S workers has fallen off a cliff, wages are stagnant or have fallen, we are as close to a depression as we can get, we have two political parties that cant get anything done. and I could go on but I won’t.

Please don’t put words in my mouth.

Now if you would be so kind as to list the positive accomplishments of mssr. Obama.

BTW-Obama is no friend of smaller government.

That is for the state… wow!!! I would imagine that folks are slitting each others throats for work… so to speak, but later, who knows.

That’s tough for sure.

Existing home (not new construction) sales volume (not price) is all we should care about as inspectors.

Here in SW Florida even the illegals are leaving. Bodegas that were always crowded are now closed. Few if any workers in the morning at the Home Depot “shape up” Who whudda tunk?


The most unqualified person ever to run for president has become the worst president in history. Who could have predicted that?!?!

And all of you morons who voted for him to prove that you weren’t racists, who are you going to vote for in 2012 to prove you shouldn’t be involuntarily committed?

Look on the bright side… he is predictable. I knew he’d print, so I placed my bet accordingly. Precious metals baby!

I’m game…

Come on over Ben.

You were always a glass half-full guy.

VF, PA or B, CO?