States with the highest and lowest foreclosure rates.

Today, CoreLogic released its National Foreclosure Report for March, which provides monthly data on completed foreclosures, foreclosure inventory and 90+ day delinquency rates.

The five states with the highest foreclosure rates were:

  • Florida (12.1%)
  • New Jersey (6.6%)
  • Illinois (5.4%)
  • Nevada (4.9%)
  • New York (4.9%)

The five states with the lowest foreclosure rates were:

  • Wyoming (0.7%)
  • Alaska (0.8%)
  • North Dakota (0.8%)
  • Nebraska (1.1%)
  • South Dakota (1.4%)

please forward this to my next address…

had a lady tell me yesterday, “I’m not worried about termites or mold. I’m buying this from the bank and if I find that, they will have to take care of it”.