I’m finally getting around to trying to do some stationary on Problem is I’ve never done this before and it turns out looking not so well. The border shows up on the cover page even if I edit to to turn it white, among other things.

I’ve tried to click a few links on here from old posts about this but they don’t work.

Anybody done this and have any tips?

Does it make it a PDF that you can load into your HIP files?

Yes, but just not sure how to format it. Then once it’s in HIP, what settings you have to change to make it look good. I attempted it and it looked pretty bad. Wish there was more info on how to do this.

Not sure, I made mine with word and saved to pdf worked great. I don’t think there is a setting to change how it looks.

Any tips on the layout?


I know when I did mine I got rid of the page border in HIP and added a separate stationary page for the report that had a border then that way the cover page did not have the border.

Reduce the border thickness to 0.