Stay Away From InspectIt

AHIT, the makers of InspectIt report software has discontinued their PC based software and offering only Ipad and/or Android apps. This means that they are only supporting the PC based software on an annual fee basis. I have tried the Ipad version of their flagship software and it stinks. I would highly recommend not considering this vendor for your reporting needs. Unfortunately, I know from personal experience that their service is unreliable and the PC based software will no longer be updated or improved. Very disappointing.

Because their software was based on Microsoft Word and was really built on top of Word it was bound to happen sooner or later. Just my 2 cents.

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I pay them an annual fee and they provide support for my software, I can live with that?

I used Ahit for many years, I no longer use and my life is much better now.

The issues I had were many, the word based program was one, the support was the other.

Many inspectors take the course and they are guided to use there software.

Thanks to Dominic at HIP whom helped me beyond description and I have been more than satisfied with his software.

My comment was just in reference to building a home inspection software solution built onto Word is not a good solution in my opinion…nothing against AHIT themselves…but they should have gotten off of Word years ago.

Inspectit sucks

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discover horizon program works great on iPad

Do yourself a favor. Switch to Home Inspector Pro.

These guy really take care of their customers. We just upgraded to their Android software and could not be happier.

There may be other software, some of it may work fine. But, you will never regret using HIP.

Great point Nathan. Bye the way, it was nice meeting you last week at the Orlando conference.

I also had the pleasure of hearing Dominic from Home Inspector Pro speak about HIP software and HIP Mobile. He then stayed around and exchanged ideas with us inspectors.

When someone spends 9 hours teaching at a convention, then hangs around to answer questions. That’s customer service!

Hi Martin - thanks for the post. If you had a bad experience with AHIT, my utmost apologies to you. We here at AHIT, strive for customer perfection and if you do not feel as though this was met, we wish you would speak with someone on our management team in lieu of posting slander and false comments. I have gone through your account in our CRM and I do see a lot of interaction with our technical support and customer service team since 2005, and I see that you were always helped.

Now to clarify, we are not updating our Word based software anymore, that is true. We have found many issues with this plug in, and are working on creating an alternate program for our loyal Word based users. We know it is very important for our users to keep their branded reports, and taking that away is one of the last things we will ever want to do to our customers. AHIT has always required our users to be enrolled into our technical support program for in-depth technical support, upgrades, one on one training sessions and assistance with customizations. This has not changed. We will always support our customers and again, if you have had that many bad experiences, we wish you would have spoken with someone on our management team to rectify the situation.

Hi Christopher,

I have been using ReportPlus for over 10 years without many problems.

When I encounter problems as I’m sure we all do, I give AHIT a call and they get me going quickly.

Just this week I talked with one of your tech support staff regarding a template file I couldn’t locate; he took control of my computer, localized the file and correction were made to my template very quickly.

It is reassuring to know that you are working on creating an alternate program for your loyal Word based users.

Best Regards,

I always had great service with them but it doesn’t help a whole lot when they use as guinea pigs to test their sub par reporting software but charge us premium prices for it. I followed the advice of the guys here and have just started using HIP. After two inspections I am amazed at the difference and mad at myself for not switching sooner. In my opinion AHIT’s app should be free and offered as a Beta. They should stop charging people for this crap software.

Thanks for the reply Christopher, however I did not slander your company in any way. My comments were actually restrained. I called your customer support service for a simple toolbar issue and the service rep actually made things worse and couldn’t wait to get off the phone. It’s a shame, because I have spent a lot of money with AHIT over the last 10 years and would have liked to continue the relationship in order to maximize my investment.

I have used the word based program for many years and have gotten support when necessary. however the android software is totally unreliable and i have lost approx three Realtor due to report Delays and Fubar Due to software glitches etc. its a build and design your own and has repeatedly just disappeared when a report is 95% complete. self designed formatting gone many times over its been a game of no reliability since last February we spent money on tablets and software for our inspectors and it has been a complete loss of time and money and good Realtors. we seriously want a refund. Advanced Inspection Services Inc. Lawrence Karwoski

Sorry to hear all of that.

This thread is two years old.

Yes…but the last entry was just this week. Surprised to hear that InspectIT is still struggling with their software…I have said it before…software produced by a school or by a single inspector and not a software company is probably not the best one to get. Just my 2 cents.