STC Ratings

Does anyone know if in the NBC it states a requirement for a specific STC rating between walls or hallways in a residential apartment building? Thanks guys!

Rodney, I don’t know how this relates to Home Inspections, because it is way above the SOP.
Usually, around here it is all part of the design by the Architect for those particular buildings.

Here is a link that might help you out though on the subject;

I don’t know if it is different over there, but it shouldn’t, it is all part of building science for sound control.
Might not answer your question, but might help. :):smiley:

Yes it can be found in volume 2 NBC 2005 and A- of volume 1
Minimum at least 50 for every dwelling unit - ASTM E413

Tables for fire ans sound resistance can be located in volume 2 - Appendix A - division B

In addition to the 50 required between suites and common areas there are more stringent requirements for elevator or garbage shafts. They are required to be 55.

Gerald Moore
RSM Building Consultants.