Can someone tell me whether as inspector cetrified can I attach sticker “approved” for newly built homes.
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Yes. I put a sticker up at every inspection I did.

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Thank you for the information, but wrote, May I do this in Pennsylvania ?


Hi Nick
Thank you very much and sorry simultaneously, that it makes you trouble is (there seemed to be simple questions - but I I prefer to make sure because I had other informations - that I have to pass additional exams for the state) Could you to upload Pattern “Approved” and “Disapproved” or informations, who it prints and where to buy
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Nick… I have a feeling the OP is looking for an “Official” (State Approved) ‘sticker’, such as the State Electrical Code Inspectors use.

The state of Pennsylvania doesn’t produce/approve an “official” sticker. Inspectors have their own made up (usually yellow about 3" X 5") for their own companies. I made mine green. They had my home inspection contact info on them and also a reminder of when the next annual inspection is dues and should be ordered.

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Me too.

on its membership of ICC I have some certified?