Stiffed by Person from Chicago

I performed a Home Inspection in May for a woman that lives somewhere in Chicago. She will not answer my calls so I was wondering if anyone lives in Chicago that could help me out on getting her address! I have a phone number and a signed contract.

Any help appreciated.

Post it here .

Never ever deliver report before being paid :frowning:

Sorry Dude.

Most times I get Cash or Money Order upon arrival before I begin anything. It has been the best thing I have done to keep me from getting screwed or getting scared folks will stiff me when they do not like the results of Insurance Inspections.

It took me about 4 times to learn that on insurance inspections. Check bounces or whatever then I lose $30 on top of not getting paid :frowning:

How would you suggest they legally obtain this information you want?

I personally would ask for the fee on arrival before beginning the inspection and I plan to only accept debit card, credit card, cash, or money order. You have the right not to accept checks. It’s YOUR business. Even with a signed contract, you never know when the buyer will have to leave and “go to the store” during and inspection and don’t like what your finding. And you never see them again. With or without a report, that is your time spent. Get it before the inspection begins and ask that whoever requested and scheduled the inspection to be present.