This question is for those of you who have done more than 1000 inspections. How many times have you been stiffed over your last 1000 inspections? Details welcomed.

Once for Home Inspection and once for IAQ Inspection.
I could have received the money from them but it was is my best interest not too!

Fortunately None :wink:


I didn’t vote because I’ve not done 1000 yet. I’ve never been stiffed. I’ve had bounced cheques but it was always an oversight and my client made good in the end.

Last summer was the first (and only) time in 12 years.

I got a few who didn’t want to pay but after they received the 30, 60 days invoice late payment notices along with statement of account with compounded interest and the 90 days Final Demand for Payment (send by Registered Mail) which informed them that it will be forwarded to a collection company within X days if payment isn’t received and may affect their credit rating, all paid…

Be polite, be professional, but be adamant in getting paid for your services!

Just once! Live and learn.

Four. Three were bill to closings that never closed. One bad check never got paid on. 4,900 inspections, not bad.

2 - both billed to closing and didn’t close.
So I don’t do that anymore.

I tend not to be polite or professional after a few failed attempts at collection, but you can’t get blood out of a turnip.

Only once. Trust NO ONE!!!

just a couple times in umpteen years. Not much of a problem.

Never in well over 2,000 inspections. Couple of bounced checks from builders, late payments when I subcontract for specialty stuff, but I have always been fully paid

It’s why I don’t get all crazy fretting over possibly not getting paid by someone. Trust is a mutual thing, you often gain it by giving it. I don’t seem to attract crooked clients or agents.

One time, on a seller’s inspection, the seller decided she didn’t need to pay after the deal fell through. With a little urging, she ended up paying me off over the course of several months at $25.00/month.

I have a commercial inspections client that ignores my Paypal invoices until he is ready for his next inspection. Within minutes of receiving a notification from Paypal that I have been paid, he calls to schedule his next one. He laughs about it, I charge extra for laughing about it.:mrgreen:

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I was stiffed once and I did not worry about it because there was no way in hell I wanted any thing to do with the 4 men all living together, with the community shower in the shared bedroom.

Afraid they may actually want to stiff me for real and I do not roll that way.