Still Amazes me

I had the IR with me Friday night and was watching my grand children shoot off fireworks.

I was tring to get a good heat shot against the night sky. After the burst was no longer visible to the human eye the camera would detect a heat spot to the count of 7 and then slowly fade to nothing. I did not use the zoom left the setting on 1X


Darn, I should have thought of that.

Dear Charley:

Infrared imagery is always fascinating even for objects or events that we routinely take for granted. In fact, we encourage our students to use their imagers to explore their surroundings and try to predict what they might see both during and after each class we hold.

In order to prevent costly, permanent damage to your imager, you should never attempt to image high temperature items (Sun, welding machines, fires) unless your imager was designed for these applications. Doing so repeatedly can damage your imager’s detector to the point that replacement may be necessary.

For more information on this topic, I would invite your attention to a previous Tip of the Week at the IRINFO.ORG website titled, ‘Blinded by the Light’. The subject URL is:

Hope this helps.

Jim Seffrin, Director
Infraspection Institute