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Currently studding the stove and fireplace course. Was wondering if the original appliance is replaced with a deferant appliance. For example. I’ve seen a lot of fireplaces, replaced with wood burning stoves or old wood burning stoves upgraded to new ones.

Do any changes need to be made to the chimney? Is there anything I should look for, obviously I should write put in in the report , but would that in itself be a defect?

If anything it would be the flue. The size and type of material used in the flue may need changed when a fireplace is converted to a wood stove. Unless you have the right equipment deferring the condition of the flue and sizing of the chimney flue to a chimney expert is going to be the way to go. If wood stoves are common in your area, look up the manufacturer installation instructions on new ones. Most importantly know and adhere to the SOP. Any wood burning appliance I would recommend be inspected by a chimney service company, who has specialized tools and cleaning equipment. Otherwise a chimney is a chimney, rot, rust, leaning, height, missing cap, missing spark arrestor, spalling brick, cracking can all be issues.

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Look for the manufacturer’s installation requirements for the new fireplace/fireplace insert. That will answer all of your questions.

If they installed a wood burning stove or an insert, in my area they would be required to run a stainless steel chimney inside the flue all the way up, and many times the only way to verify this is to remove the stove, which I am not doing.

I always recommend it be cleaned and a level II inspection be performed. Always.

Not necessarily a defect but a recommendation for a C.S.I.A. (Chimney Safety Institute of America) Level 2 Inspection.

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