Still learning IR

Here are a couple of images taken today of a problem I was called out on I was surprised at the result as I had not placed much thought about temp difference and the seasons in relation to this particular problem. Out door ambient was 42 degrees F. and indoor ambient was 70 degrees F There are two words that describe the problem in both images what are the mystery words I am looking for. If I provide more information the answer will be obvious

How about some digital images?

No way Hosea the digital would be obvious even to the blind

One more bit of info that may or may not help it was overcast when the images were taken no solar loading

Two words that describe the problem = Charley Bottger](

Happy Thanksgiving

John I am the problem solver and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

Two more clues the images were taken on the exterior and were of a substance.
Come on Andersen McKenna don’t know:shock::shock:

Water run off from melting snow on a balcony /deck above?

Sorry this is Okla no snow this time of year
BTW would not cold water be blue in the image as it was taken on the exterior 42 degrees F.
Thanks for the response at least your thinking

AC unit on the roof?

Vent for the furnace kicking out the condensation?


Sorry no Cigar

some okie running a hose up there looking for roof leaks?

No experience with IR… yet.

I was thinking that the melting snow (say from direct sun exposure) would be warmer than the temp of the exterior cladding. Forgot to note your location #-o You have to admit, not much to go on.

Leaking duct work?

Hey Bud you got one of the words I was looking for :D:D Yous guys keep thinking all I do is HVAC not the case

septic lateral leakage
another use of IR that the eye can miss

Yip something is leaking but not laterals :D:D

Enough is enough had a leaking water main beneath asphalt parking lot water was rising next to a picket fence. I gave the answer with 42 degrees outside ambient the ground and asphalt was cooler in temp than the city water which averages between 50 and 55 degrees giving the water flow a warmer appearance in IR. I was searching to see if the leak was other than where it was surfacing and it appears that it was. Traveled approximately 20 feet before escaping the asphalt

2751 N Pleasantview Newkirk 11-22-11 021.jpg

2751 N Pleasantview Newkirk 11-22-11 023.jpg

Just got off vacation!

I know what it might be!

A leaking water main beneath asphalt parking lot! :slight_smile: