Still missed after 2 years

As I was driving home today, I heard that Carroll Shelby had died. My first thought was, Fast Cars, and then Gerry Beaumont came to mind.

The date came upon us real quick. Just 2 days ago was the 2nd Anniversary of losing this Legend in the home inspection industry.

I miss his humor and sharp wit. I miss his talk on cars and politics. I miss his phone calls to complain about the “bloody wankers” that got him going on the political threads.

Gerry Beaumont, you are missed.

I swear it was a year ago,damn time goes fast and I saw a sci program that states it actually does flow faster by double as we age.
Gerry was cool and it feels like yesterday he called talking about his new business.

I miss having Gerry around too. Never had the pleasure to meet him in person, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy Many good exchanges on the MB with him. One funny dude Gerry was; and extremely smart. Always willing to answer a question with the correct info.

Such a shame he had to leave so soon.

Chris I will never forget his first call out of the Blue when it was mentioned my method of data collection is purely visual and photographic.
I was a little less sure before developing a hand signal method that I use even today as to how I could remember multiple issues that were not visual and he suggested a white board with a dry marker as he taught that and used the method himself.

*P.s the message is photographed in the picture and later on I purchased cameras that allowed on screen drawing.Seems they are not sold anymore.
I actually had a idea and used one of those clear plastic ID photo holders that go around your neck at a convention with a dry marker clipped to it when doing Fannie Mae inspections in Hi rises as photos alone would never have have been good enough for a large amount of office space and retail shots.
Point is Gerry helped me and got me to think creatively to solve a problem at the time.

He was a good Man for sure , truly missed by most