Still not convinced about ISN? Watch this video.

It’s the greatest thing since ribbed condoms.

Primary Property Inspections LLC has been using ISN for a month now and I think it is great! Exactly what I wanted and then some.

Parker, Colorado Home Energy Score Assessor

And get a deal if you are an InterNACHI member:

No brainer!

The best value that I know of in the inspection industry

Noticed a message under the video…
This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.

Why would sharing be a issue ?

Could you get ISN to integrate with your newsletter and automatically enroll clients and agents?

Hi Bob, It has been a few days since your response but I have been on the road helping inspectors.
I am not sure of your concern this time but our video is open to the public. Here is a link from our website
All our videos are very public!

Although I inspect full time I am not doing home inspections full time. Now I am working in 2 states and waiting for my Wisconsin HUD certification and I just haven’t been able to start up ISN.

I have my buyer, the loan officer, the draw departments and the contractors to keep track of and I have them all on my software so I choke when I start to add them to ISN. That’s a lot of data entry.

On the other hand, my 203K software is lacking to do anything beyond my 203K write up. I’d like to try ISN but can’t see the benefit right now. I’ll keep paying the minimum for awhile and see how it can help me, someone who is doing more 203K work than home inspections.

At present I use folders within folders within a folder. It works but not ideal.

It’s not set to public on youtube. It’s set as unlisted.

An unlisted video is only viewable if you have a link to the video. It will not come up in any searches or such.

If that was intentional or not, I don’t know, but that was Bob’s question.

I use ISN, and the only inspections I do outside of it are 203(k)s. Yes, they are a paperwork nightmare, but what do you expect from a government program? So, for the ISN folks, how could we do the 203(k) program within ISN without getting beat up on fees? You are going to have an initial visit for the inspection and/or work write up. Then you will have multiple draw inspections along the way over a period of up to 6 months. Could you set up a system similar to the way Radon appointments work, where you just have multiple return visits?


Thanks for chiming in Mike.

After 8 years of 203K’s I manage well enough but your right, lots of visits on a typical 203K.
Initial inspection and write up and the up to 5 draws.

I have a general folder with the customers name and a subfolder for each draw. Works well but it’s a lot of work sometimes.