Still on AOL? You are probably losing leads and business.

AOL blocks most of the emails sent through NACHI’s websites and refuses to deliver them to their subscribers (you).

This means that consumers can’t reach you through any of NACHI’s 4,500 sites. I can’t either. I emailed Cindy Patzman, Russ Myers and Gerry Beaumont (all AOL accounts) today and they all bounced back.

AOL is geared toward families and teenagers. I strongly recommend that all business people evolve to an account more suited to business use.

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Comcast email is (by far) the best I’ve ever had.

I’ve always had problems with AOL.

I second Davids Comcast support. Best I’ve had. Been through AOL, Prodigy (turned SBC Yahoo) and COX…

Won’t leave Comcast…it also now includes the full McAfee suite with the price…:slight_smile:

I use Comcast for my Internet Provider but I run all emails through my website, most websites have that capability and that way you control what gets blocked I run everything through outlook and some of the spam still gets there but if you get a lot the good thing is you can just get rid of that email address and set up a new one.

The only service worse than AOL is blocks ALL NACHI emails to their own subscribers.

Whew! I thought it was just me…when I would reply to those on AOL about their banner designs or whatever…they would always bounce back undeliverable. Thanks Nick for posting about the AOL problems.

Be careful of comcast tho. I had it for years…and lots of my email did not get delivered. And sometimes *how do you know?? *Unless people tell you. The best so far I have ever used is yahoo believe it or not. And firefox. My computer is the fastest it has ever been!

My provider is comcast, but I use Yahoo for email. Excellent spam blocker, but everything I need, including mailings from Nachi, gets through.