Still using ladders? You can't fall off this...

Martin Karl
Staunton, Il

Wow I am first post!! I guess I win this for Christmas present!! wooo hoo!!

Yeah but, it’s the Last to reply that gets the prize. :mrgreen::wink:

Am I last Marcel? Happy New Year !


Well, you were. :wink:

I saw this “in action” at an Inspector Marketing Show and it’s a great tool. I plan to get one.** Happy and Profitable New Year to All!!**


Looks Like next years Christmas Present.

Hey Marcel, aren’t you winning over on the HIP posts as well (this one is last ;-))

Well, I seem to be last no matter where I go. :wink:

I guess we can expect Linas to be along shortly with his camera review. I hear he is the “go to guy” for this kind of info.

Happy new year to all fellow Nachi family members.

This equipment ‘‘poll’’ looks like an improved version of the prototype Nick showed us at the 2012 Toronto NACHI Marketing seminar.

This accessory looks Great and I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these.

Of course it gives us an idea of conditions and helps us convince the client of the need for extra investigating.

Cool. Saving my pennies!!