Still Waiting for Spring

This is getting downright silly.

April 23, 2013 Hudson WI

Enjoy it you could be down here in the hot muggy hellhole “temp wise only” I call home.

I think I would be most comfortable in Hawaii but I do not believe I can afford to live there and I am here till my little one goes to College. She is only 7 now :frowning:

Soon when you walk out side or open an attic hatch your glasses will instantly fog :frowning:

Weather odd Micheal hmmm can you say climate change

I just buried my tomatoe plants for the 3rd time suppose to get down to 25 here tonight

Climate is always changing. Where’s the heat?

We don’t plant tomatoes here until at least may 15th.

Down Here :frowning:

I know it totally suck in SW Florida, my pool is only 81 degrees, that just downright chilly swimming!

This is the nice time of year in FL.

Good luck later :wink:

Most Tomatoes require at least 60 days to mature I thought it started to snow again in July at the north pole:p

I have lived at my present location since 1984 and the latest frost or freeze I have recorded was April 21 and I normally don’t plant tomatoes until after that date but I listened to a dumb azz weather man this year that had swore no more freezes in sight for April including my area. I have had 3 since his forecast.