Stocks Home Inspection Customer Testimonial

Here is a new customer video testimonial for Stocks Home Inspection

Darrul did he say $250 ?
What type property was it?

It was a 3,400sqft ranch with an addition & crawlspace in the middle of no where. We ran a special all week any home, any size. I’m just glad that was the largest one I had all week, so it worked out well. Could have had a 5,000sqft home instead of 3,400sqft. Plus I did it more for the video testimony than anything. That $250 bucks will turn into thousands more.

So when you get a call from someone who saw this video and wants their own $250 inspection, What are you going to say?

It’s not bad, just need to leave out the price.

The person (coaching?) reflected in the glass behind him was distracting to me.

Never said it was bad. Just answering your question as if you were asking me. :wink:

Yeah the guy accidentally said the price, but I was there long enough & I was not about to make them do it over, the guy came up with it all on his own. If someone asks about the price I will tell them it was a promotional deal

Or it was for a 1,000 sq.ft. house.

Just cut the end of the video off where he mentions the price. It is not very hard with Movie Maker that comes with Windows.

Good idea

Yeah I would rather look at the attractive woman .

Yup, that was his girlfriend