Stolen Inspection report

I received a call questioning my report from a seller. Someone stole my report which was a PDF file changed the report to a different address and changed many things in the report. Still using my name and company. I am still searching for information on the agent and buyer. Ideas on what, where and how to handle this. Thanks everyone Bruce Lampe

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It sounds like fraud that they did with your changed report.

Brokers and police don’t like fraud.


As Larry referred to, start out by filing a police report.

I’d then be calling an attorney and would be looking into to pressing charges against the perpetrators.

Also, if you’re in a state that requires licensing there certainly will be other avenues to pursue this issue as well.

Why in the world. Craziness

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Bruce. What I would do.
Don’t say anything to anyone about the report. Speak through the sellers agent only. Read your COE.

Please. ‘Take this hear say’ with caution.
1: Reach out to the seller. Have them Email you the report. Explain to them in the simplest terms; providing or promoting an inaccurate statement or account of the sales transaction can get someone in legal jeopardy.
2: Reach out the the sellers agent. The real estate broker working for the client/seller.
Introduce yourself as a professional. Explain the situation that transpired between yourself and their client. Explain you are the inspector. Ask them could they please email your the report so this matter can be cleared up before a complaint is made that may affect anyone involved.

Keep us posted buddy.

Typically the vender is given the report when the home does not sell. It can make them angry and they lash out at the inspector. Just read the false reviews left by supposed clients on browsers. Too bad. So Sad.

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Thanks the seller is the one who called and she did forward me the report. I am stepping slowing not knowing where they received the report that they used. I thought also to call my insurance company. I am waiting for more info from the seller.

Not yet.

You retain a lawyer? Say Joe Ferry at Claims Intercept?

Reach out the the Real Estate Agency .
Introduce yourself as a professional. Explain the situation that transpired between yourself and their real estate agent and their client. Remember, the real estate agent works for the reatity. I am sure they want to sort out this mess before receiving a well targeted complaint from an attorney or municipal/federal agency.
Explain you were the inspector at the address you inspected. Ask them, could they please email the report the real estate agent submitted so this matter can be cleared up before a complaint is made that may affect anyone involved.

Reach out the consumer protection agency in your neck of the woods. Explain the situation. Lodge a formal complaint once you know whom to direct it to.

You might want to think about using Adobe Reader if your editing your reports through PDF It allows you to lock with a passcode so nobody can change your report

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How about a little more detail? How can a report with pictures of specific items/areas/views be confused with another home? Was the seller you mentioned (that gave you the report) the one from the house you inspected or the house someone tried using the report from? Did someone try changing your report and using it on an entirely different home? For what purpose was the altered report used (sale, purchase, other specific use)?


and tell Nick and Nachis lawyer

I can unlock any PDF.

Roy is a hacker :scream_cat:

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Are you harmed? Do you have lots of free time to go after this?

If the answer is no to both of those questions, then move on with your life and business. This seller and maybe their buyer may be harmed, so let them call the police or sue someone, if they care.

The chance of this happening again to you is probably near zero.

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No! I’m a Florida Cracker… :wink:

Good advice, Lon!

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I disagree. They used his name and most likely his company name, that could make him liable.

I would at least file a police report, that way if anything were to ever come back he at least would have something to fall back on.

I would also email Nick and run it by NACHI legal dept.


Was this a full home inspection? Or some partial report? This all sounds fishy to me.

It seems to be an enormous amount of work to alter a report to fit a different house.

As someone else Warned about.> Don’t do anything on Hear-Say. You need to get a copy of the fake report/document in question. I would think it would be pretty easy to find out who was involved in any shenanigans. Make sure you get whatever info from the (seller) that first contacted you as to where and from who they received it. (Should be a slam dunk as to who is involved)

And yes I would certainly pursue this. First determine or latch 1st hand onto the Report, study out what looks like is going on. If there is any evidence of fraud, deceit or other criminal activity, then the first step is make a police report. Then go from there. I would not just haphazardly start spending money on attorneys before you know what is going on “First Hand”.

Oh and don’t go sharing any specific information on any social media (including here). Although after it is resolved or figured out…We all want to know…“The Rest of The Story”
And good luck to you!

I am trying to get more information from the seller. She did forward me a copy of the report. They changed the names, phone numbers and address but not the body of the report. I did call my insurance company, glad I have had them for a long time, they were good about it. No I was not harmed, just tic off about it. People are A&*( , but so say $500 and get what out of it. I will follow through with it, as long as I get all the info needed.