Stooges plumbing or Electrical

Remember the stooge episode that were handymen and wer plumbers and basically had built a cage around them and the water was leaking all over?

This setup was nowhere near as bad but made me think of them. yuk, yuk!!

Boiler piping over 100 degrees in front of A FPE panel, sub panel had disconnected wires and other issues. Abondoned dryer 220 next to panel and at other end was in contact with dryer vent. Stooge Larry!!

Said the heck with taking off the FPE cover.

What is the deal with directly connecting the low voltage wires to a breaker?

Looks like Knob and Tube also , Very interesting with those fine wire wires on the breakers, unprotected comming threw the KOs .
Good find nice pictures thanks …
I am not to concerned with outlet In Canada we have 4 wires to our dryers.

Lots of knob & tube, here is how not to splice into from same house.

My client was concerned about the dryer 220 as he has an electric dryer.