Stop and Drain Valve

Does anyone have a graphic or cuttaway view of how a stop & drain valve works. Promised a client I’d send her the info. Thanks.

Thanks Mike but isn’t that a simple globe valve. I don’t see the spiggot.

Open the PDF there are stop and waste valve cut-aways in it.

I assume you mean stop and waste when you stated stop and drain.

Hi John
Borrowed off of Michael’s site. this is what your looking for.

Ah! spigot you say. :wink:

Here are the valve types on the nibco site

Yes, that 726-CL is the one but I’m still not sure she could decipher the photo. I think what I need is a graphic if one exists.

Use this then


If your looking for the 726 and not the 724 here is the link.

Thanks. With that and my explanation I think she’ll get the picture.

Were you meaning “stop and waste valve with drain”?

Here’s a better angled image that shows the drain and drain cap better:

Yes, that’s the one. Thanks.