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Stop Online Spying - Letter Writing Team,
Earlier this spring, you sent letters to your local newspaper editors opposing Bill C-30, otherwise known as lawful access. But here’s the thing, you weren’t alone. Hundreds of Canadians joined you and because of your actions, over** 70 Stop Online Spying opinion letters were printed in newspapers all across the country! **
However, despite a massive public outcry, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews recently proclaimed the government is still “intent on proceeding” with his unpopular warrantless online spying bill. In response, Canadians are calling on their MPs to take a public stand against the online spying scheme.

Like you did before, can you help by taking a few minutes
to send a letter using our online tool?

The avalanche of Stop Online Spying letters was credited with turning public opinion against the government’s invasive, warrantless, and costly online spying legislation. With your help we can do it again. We know MPs feel the heat from local media.

We’ve also wittnessed MPs respond when faced with outcry from within their own ridings—let’s make sure they hear our voices. Share your personal thoughts by writing a letter, and help us stop this plan to give a range of authorities access to the personal information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant.

Thank you for helping us spread the facts,
Glyn & Aaron, on behalf of the Team and the Digital Action Team
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Recent News Canada’s warrantless surveillance bill is back, with surveillance powers for US gov’t, too
An upcoming deal with the U.S. could expand the warrantless surveillance in the proposed bill C-30 to apply to U.S. authorities, allowing them to access Canadians’ private information. As the article below shows, after we revealed the U.S. connection in our latest letter to supporters (subscribe here) the momentum has grown significantly. The hugely popular blog Boing Boing posted it, that post hit the front page of popular online news site Reddit with thousands of votes, and then it received the coverage below.
Our video now has over 20,000 views thanks to you, and as the article notes, “there are currently 79 MPs on Open Media’s list, including Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, Bob Rae and Andrew Cash.” It’s working. Keep spreading the word (try using this Facebook share link) and take the next step by joining our petition drive challenge.
Article by Russ Martin for
Bill C-30 is still alive and well, according to the pro Internet group Open Media.
In February the bill caused a public uproar and was then sent to the Committee on Justice and Human Rights to be amended before a second reading. Read more »