"Stop Treating Citizen's Property Insurance Policyholders Like Second Class Citizens"

It looks like there is an organization out there looking after Homeowners and the way Citizens Insurance does business. I suspect it is only a matter of time before lawsuits are filed on the way credits are denied on the new 1802 form.


Are you a member of this fair organization

Take a look at this.

**If you make updates to your home or building to correct any discrepancies noted on the report:


  • Either you or your agent can submit documentation of these updates, including photographs, to Citizens’ Underwriting department for review, or you can order a remediation inspection for a reduced fee. To order a remediation inspection, contact the inspection program administrator listed on the initial inspection notification you received from Citizens or on the inspection information card left by the inspector.
  • In the event updates are made, but the documentation provided to us is insufficient to support the reapplication of mitigation credits, a remediation inspection can be ordered to determine whether discrepancies have been resolved.
  • When you schedule the remediation inspection, you must identify which features have been updated.

**Note:**Once Citizens has inspected your property, we will not accept a newly completed mitigation inspection form as evidence to reapply mitigation credits. Additional documentation must be submitted to Citizens to show clearly that the discrepancy noted in Citizens’ inspection results is inaccurate or that updates were made to correct the discrepancies noted in the report.

Notice that it says after they have performed a re-inspection. Is that legal? I thought all carriers must accept the 1802.

Also what if a homeowner simply denies the re-inspection and hires an inspector?

I frequently perform inspections for clients that have been abused by the reinspection program. ALL of my inspections have been excepted and over turned the reinspection. All of the client’s credits were returned.* **(At least the one’s they were entitled to). ***

In all of these cases, I believe the reinspection had an ‘OTHER’ or ‘UNKNOWN’ rating.
In fairness to the reinspection programs, I have seen some reinspections that were correct & would NOT change with another properly performed inspection.

No…I am not a paying member. However if things pick up I would love to include FAIR into my budget. They look like an org. that is trying to keep Citizens honest. Maybe some of the Home Inspectors who are looking for a voice might consider airing their concerns to them.

Also what if a homeowner simply denies the re-inspection and hires an inspector?

I believe they cancel your policy…