Storage room built in upper section of garage

Inspected a home and found a walk in storage room built in the back half upper section of the garage. Room spans total length of 2 car garage aprox 25 feet. It has been mostly dry walled and I cant see much. Appeared to have been built with glulam beams. One of my concerns of many was with the way it appeared supported. I can see one support the other was a little confusing at first it looked like a 2x8 on the flat but it may be a recessed 8x8 that is overhanging the main support by a bout an inch and a half. I called the city and no permits were pulled for this type of work. I know glulam can span quite a distance but there is no center support on the span and thats way beyond home inspection scope. What would you guys say about this or how would you write it up. Kind of looks like a weekend project I added a few of the wiring which only made me more worried about how the room was built. There was exposed romex everywhere and the room was being powered by a old garage light in the stairwell

You’ve got it all figured out… room addition built with no permit… no CofO issued… state your concerns… (supports, electrical, etc…) advise the client that the only way to verify is via invasive inspection… advise them to consult with their attorney as to seller’s responsibility… it is then up to the buyer to figure it out. It is that simple :slight_smile:

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Thanks Simon. The other support that is visible is sitting on the main beam on top of the pilings. Should that also be strapped to both that beam and also the glulam. I know at this point I dont have to go into too much detail but id rather put more in than less.

Putting more, can sometimes, get you in trouble. Keep it simple.


Gotcha, thanks Marcel

That’s not a glulam (glued laminated lumber), it’s a parallam (parallel strand lumber).

This is a glulam:


Thank you. I originally told the client paralam for some reason I thought it was a proprietary name brand thing. Thanks for the clarification