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So when you first started out with inspections. What are some areas you found to be a challenge? Words of advice would be greatly appreciated. I’d also be much appreciated to read some difficult inspections. Of course if you have the time. Thanks C.I’s.

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I didn’t know what I did not know. Research was a real time sucker.

Not only defect recognition but defect writing narratives. Hours upon hours to produce one good report.

I was also surprised how important NACHI’s SOP is to an inspector. It is the bible starting out. I still have it handy on every inspection.

Finally, cost to operate. Get an understanding of actual business expenses. It cuts deep into your profit.


One of the most difficult inspections I can recall was a 1920’s 7,000 sq. foot home with a carriage house.

The home had been substantially altered in 2000 to include an addition and dug out basement. They used newer engineered systems in conjunction with older original building systems. It had 3 separate crawl spaces, the dug out basement and a slab.


That sounds like a complete nightmare. Thanks for sharing.