Storm! I'm here ! Welcome to Florida

I damn sure ain’t sweatin’ it.
Do any of you old dudes remember when the light went out in Georgia…
Lets cuddle babe !
All night Lonnnnnng!

Looks like a baby storm. It was wild here yesterday though… one minute nothing, 2 seconds later like turning on a faucet raining cats n dogs at a 60 degree angle, 5 minutes later it just stopped… like turning off a faucet… nothing. Did that 4 different times here.

You are at the minimum messed up like I am…
I’m not even shaving my chin…LOL!
Let the action begin…

My 1st year in Flordia, came from Chicago originally seen it all there, would like to see this so called Strom there calling on, saying it’s been 10 years since the last bad 1??

For this one it is all hype… However, never be complacent …This is just a mock storm to prepare for the big one.
I’m a native… Go Gators!

Yep 2005 was a bad storm year for Florida, if I remember right 3 in row hit SW Florida, I think Wilma was the worst. Was there 5 that hit here that year?

Well stay safe , get your rubber ducky out

I keep it in my hand during bad weather…:cool:

I did Andrew in 92 for FEMA inspections…My first and last for them.
Made some money, but I earned every penny.

The rubber duck i hope lol

Both of them! :|.)