stranded wire

Opinions on the this wire feeding a remote in a driving shed about 100 yards away. It’s on a 40A breaker. Rubberized sheathing. Not sure about the depth of the wire or if it was in conduit. Remote had 4-15A circuits.

1205 Wrigley Rd. 014 (Small).jpg

Those conductors look fine in the photo. Conductors in raceways are required to be stranded if larger than #10. For conductors in wet locations they would need to be listed for wet locations with types such as THW, THWN, XHHW, etc. NM cable, even if installed inside of a raceway, is not permitted in a wet location. What size conductors are those?

How many wires did they take to the shed .
In Canada they should have 4 wires two hot a neutral and a separate Ground .
Neutral and Ground need to be on isolated terminals at the shed ./