Strange Call Today

I had an insurance agent call me today (one that I have never worked with) and asked me to do a wind mit on a 4th floor condo on the beach. However, he will not give me the owner’s name or the tenants name and specifically does not want me to contact them or bother them in any way. In his words - “I should not have any reason to enter the unit”, and I am to send the report and invoice directly to him.

So I am supposed to take pictures of the shutters and/or impact window labels from the ground? What if I were to approach the unit unannounced? Does he realize I am taking a chance of getting shot?

I’m thinking about passing on this one, but I wanted to know… What would you do?

David Linehan
Merritt Island, Florida

I assume you told him you must have access?

Look up the address at the property appraisers site then you will know who owns it.

Charge him more for the bullcrap :slight_smile:

  1. I haven’t told him anything yet.
  2. Of course I have looked up who the owner is. That’s the first thing I did!
  3. I was thinking I would double my going rate! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would look at my own qualifications for signing a commercial Type II WM.

First of all, are you qualified to do a type II wind mit. And secondly, why would you even have to think about it. The agent sounds looney and wants something that shouldn’t be. Unless you are that hard up for work, let it go.

Always tell customers like that to provide the form they want used.
That way they do not hold you responsible for the decision.
Every customer I have ever had only wants the normal form and that is what they request and that is what I provide.
It has worked every time as far as i know.

Sounds like you have a plan.

Never comprimise how you do an inspection for a client no matter what the rate.

You must do what you do and feel comfortable or do not do it.

I have had more than a few clients approach me with plans I did not feel were right.

You can always claim to be booked solid if you do not want to hurt feelings.

Don’t concern yourself about my qualifications. I have an army of people that are qualified to do anything that comes across my desk. Please stick to the question at hand…

has anyone been hired and paid by the agent with no owner contact?

Yes but I had access to the place.

Even though I am not in FL, any type of request like that IMO would not be acted upon. You are reporting on someones home without their knowledge.

I would tell him to find another person.

Not it the client just wants privacy.

If it was known to be against their knowledge I would never do it.

Just seems like a high end client who does not wish to be bothered by us pesky peasants.

Thank you! You managed to put my “gut feeling” into words. I have my answer. Thanks to all for your input.

David Linehan
Merritt Island, FL


Call me I may be able to help


go do it. you are documenting the exterior only from the ground. you are not entering the home and therefore you are not working for the HO.

I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole! What if it results in an insurance premium increase or revocation and the recorded owner sues you for doing the inspection without authority.
Check with counsel.