strange e-mail

Has anyone received an e-mail supposedly from IAC2 that turned out to be a bogus offer to have Western Union send you $1,000.00 a day until you receive a total of $1.2 million? All you have to do is forward an individaul named in the email $175.00 to get the ball rolling.

I was really surprised when I got one earlier in the week.

Dean Conrad

Sign me up!

I got the same one, but found it in my spam folder

I got it last week and have received 3 installments so far. I think I’m going to buy a home in Hawaii and retire. It’s a sweet deal.:wink:

Yes, but they offered me $10,000 per day. Guess they’re getting desperate. They use the IAC2 subject to get you to open it. Looks like it worked!!! I have received them in the past with other similar subject names.