Strange flashing job in SOCAL

Have a roofer here and this is their solution to a flashing job

I’d at least want to add some kick out flashing.

Not to be a PIA, but what exactly is your ‘concern’ here? Please be specific.

Aside from aesthetics, the wind catching the big vertical flap of the counter flashing could be a concern, eh?

Ok, a couple of well placed nails would significantly reduce the liklihood of that concern. Anything else?

(Remember, this is in Oxnard, CA, on the coast, so limited extreme weather conditions).

That is all I see from MI. So, I’ll let the OP answer your question…not that he will…being a non-member 1st time poster without specifics.

Agree. I would also like to see his concerns as I assume he is trying to actually learn, and not just posting stuff for the heck of it/humor/to fit in/required for a course. The flashing may be unconventional and not to traditional practices, but it’s all there and should work as intended. Like I said earlier, it’s California, not Minnesota with minus -30f degree Winters and 12 inch thick ice dams and 40 inch snow drifts on the roof!


When I’ve inspected in Oxnard, often the house has no AC and no insulation in the attic, and no one bats and eye over it because the weather is so mild all year around.