Strange granule wear Pattern. Any ideas?

Never seen anything like it. Almost seems like because there’s a discernible pattern it might be a manufacturing defect that caused to granules to fail to embed securely. Or it’s a problem with asphalt that won’t securely hold granules.

Looks like some kind of ancient or alien writing.

Shingle tabs are over-exposed too.



I seem to remember seeing a fairly new shingle with that same tiger stripe pattern. Those might be the same shingle, just at the end of useful life.

Brad, the ones you saw probably looked striped because of the granule colors. I think these only look striped because of the pattern of granule loss. The granules look to me like they were originally a uniform color.

If they are not very old I would get the manufacturer involved.

Did the hooker have an opinion on this?

I have seen that style of tiger stripe shingle before. All of the ones I have seen were worn and in bad shape.

Certainteed Hallmark

Who was commenting before. :wink:


Kenny, how do you find this stuff, man? That was the same exact photo and I had no idea where I got it!