Strange Growth

I am the manager of an elderly apartment complex and one of my tenants has a strange “growth” on the carpet in the living room and also in her flower bed in front of the living room window. The substance is white and outside it is soft and pliable, however, inside it seems dry and powdery. We have poured straight bleach on the growth outside and sprayed a bleach and water solution on the carpet it went away for a while but is back. Any suggestions?

The growth seems to have dried up on the outside but you can still see the white powder left behind.





Photos please.


Dont use bleach.

Try a product like this.

You also should locate the source of the moisture that seems to be from the flower box.

Efflorescence? Can’t really say without pics.

Sounds like you’re describing Puffballs

I’d love to see pics.

BTW, +1 on the bleach warning. So many better products and methods out there.


Her comment just proves bleach does not kill fungus effectively. ](*,)

Sure is fungus.

I don’t think there’s anyway to get them off. You should probably trow that out and buy a new one :S